Special Effects for DO-HEALTH

In July 2012, the DO-HEALTH exercise videos were created using similar innovative special effects techniques that are found in modern movie making.

As the movements in the exercise video needed to be exact and real to life, our DO-HEALTH partner gut pictures was able to work with the Motion Laboratory at the ZHAW in Winterthur (many thanks to the ZHAW!).

Christine Sennhauser, English teacher and scientific writing reviewer at the Centre on Aging and Mobility at the University of Zurich, agreed to be the real-life DO-HEALTH model for the motion laboratory. Christine was prepared with special markers strategically placed to capture her movements while performing the DO-HEALTH exercises at the motion laboratory of the ZHAW.

Stefanie Brunold, physiotherapist at the Coordinating DO-HEALTH Centre at the University of Zurich instructed Christine how to correctly perform the required exercises.

Christine’s movements were captured with the help of these special markers and tracking cameras. A computer generated avatar created by our DO-HEALTH partner gut pictures was then animated using Christine’s motion data, giving the avatar natural and life-like movements for the DO-HEALTH exercise video.

DO-HEALTH exercise avatar