Alix Hajeau

Partner DO-HEALTH – Management


Alix HAJEAU, Project Consultant, graduate degree in international business management, has more than 10 years’ experience in the administrative and financial management of R & D projects. She works for NOVAMEN as a consultant and her specific responsibilities are setting up public-private partnerships, establishing budgets, assisting scientific coordinators in the day-to-day management of their project.

NOVAMEN a brand of ACIES Consulting Group specializes in collaborative research management. NOVAMEN covers the promotion, organisation and management of Research and Innovation with a particular focus on the European Commission Framework Programs. NOVAMEN has a proven track record in the design, implementation and the management of complex and large European research programs. NOVAMEN is currently management Partner in 14 FP7 projects, e.g. in the Health theme: TransCard, RESOLVE, CUT’HIVAC, MODHEP, DARTRIX, IMAGINT, SPIDIA.


As DO-HEALTH management partner, the NOVAMEN team composed of Alix Hajeau and Delphine Goget, supported the submission of the DO-HEALTH proposal (guidance on the EC Framework Programme 7 and related procedures, on the private-public partnership and on the budget).  Further, during the course of DO-HEALTH NOVAMEN assisted the Coordinator and the Management team at the University of Zurich: NOVAMEN supported day-to-day handling of the partners requests, maintained partner specific templates for informing the compulsory EC deliverables and reports, guaranteed that the latter are submitted on time, and supported the preparation, execution and post-processing of major project meetings (tasks: agenda, invitations, minutes and action lists). In addition, NOVAMEN assisted the implementation of DO-HEALTH Consortium Agreement and the administrative handling of IPR-or legal-related issues.

Website: Novamen