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Stephen M. Ferrari 

Partner DO-HEALTH – software development

Ferrari Data Solutions (FDS) works primarily with medical research teams to complete the three major phases of data processing for scientific studies: Defining and implementing data collection tools (paper and electronic) for entry ease and accuracy; creating securely stored databases of the collected data, reporting status as the project progresses; and cleaning data and providing basic analysis to researchers for their detailed analysis. FDS is familiar with the data requirements for medical studies and has used this knowledge to help design clear forms and datasets, and extract the key data for researchers. The company has provided data processing for nine successfully completed and seven on-going projects, automating data entry with both scannable paper forms and electronic data entry transcribed from paper.

Website: Ferrari Data Solutions

As a DO-HEALTH SME partner
, Ferrari Data Solutions has created a new product, a platform for collecting data based on direct electronic data entry targeted at the senior population, assembling it from all sites into a secure central database, and monitoring and reporting progress and errors. FDS also created the DO-HEALTH communication platform (website) and performed data extraction and basic analysis as part of the data management team of DO-HEALTH.