Recruitment Partner TOULOUSE has recruited 300 adults age 70+ from Toulouse and surrounding areas

Prof. Bruno Vellas, MD

DO-HEALTH Recruitment Partner and PI of the Toulouse DO-HEALTH recruitment centre

Prof. Bruno Vellas is Professor of Medicine and Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine at the CHUT, and Chief of the Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical and Research Center at the University Hospital Center in Toulouse, France. Prof. Vellas is a member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, the Chairman of the International Academy on Nutrition and Aging, and Principal Investigator for the European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium.

Prof. Vellas is also the Chairman of the Toulouse Gérontopôle (, and member of the Aging Team of the INSERM unit 1027.  He is the PI of the European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (EADC) and has published over 300 articles related to Alzheimer’s Disease, especially on disease modifying treatment. He is the PI of several large international trials in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease (GuidAge and MAPT) and is editor in Chief of The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging.

As a recruitment partner in DO-HEALTH, Prof. Vellas leads the primary endpoint cognitive decline in collaboration with the coordinating DO-HEALTH centre at the University of Zurich and the consortium experts on cognitive function.