Recruitment Partner INNSBRUCK has recruited 200 adults age 70+ from Innsbruck and surrounding areas

Prof. Michael Blauth, MD

DO-HEALTH Recruitment Partner and PI of the Innsbruck DO-HEALTH recruitment centre

Prof. Michael Blauth is the Director of the Department of Trauma Surgery Center at the University Hospital – Innsbruck.  He is a pioneer in Geriatric Fracture Management and was asked by the AO Foundation to build a multinational and multicenter “Clinical Priority Program” for Fracture fixation in osteoporotic bone. This research program covers clinical studies, the development of new methods to measure bone quality in vivo, and experimental studies on new fixation techniques. His work in the interdisciplinary Geriatric Trauma Center led to his research interest in the secondary prevention of fragility fractures at older age, focusing on functionality after fracture, a topic which led to his involvement in the DO-HEALTH clinical trial.  Together with PD Dr. Norbert Suhm, a partner at the Basel DO-HEALTH centre, Prof. Blauth leads the AO Trauma Geriatric Fracture Class, which educates orthopeadic surgeons around the world.