July 16, 2020
In memoriam Prof. Dr. med. D. Felsenberg
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Recruitment Partner BERLIN has recruited 350 adults age 70+ from Berlin and surrounding areas

Prof. Dieter Felsenberg, MD

DO-HEALTH Recruitment Partner and PI of the Berlin DO-HEALTH recruitment centre

Prof. Felsenberg is Professor of Radiology and Chair Muscle and Bone Research Centre at the Benjamin Franklin University Hospital. Professor Dieter Felsenberg founded the Osteoporosis Research Group, the Centre of Muscle and Bone Research, the German Academy for Osteological and Rheumatological Research (DAdorW), the Centre for Space Medicine at the Free University in Berlin, and the German Society of Muscle and Bone Research (DGfMK).

His laboratory-based work has included examinations of bone architecture and strength, and analyses of the trabecular structure of bone. Research on muscle and bone interaction in immobilization and weightlessness is a further focus in cooperation with space agencies and centers for sports medicine. His clinical research has included a focus on osteoporosis, its prevention, treatment, and epidemiology.

He has published and presented extensively on osteoporosis, bone, and muscle metabolism, and the biomechanics of bone, with over 240 articles to his name. He is editorial board member of the Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions and Osteoporosis International and he is part of the scientific advisory board of the International Osteoporosis Foundation. He is President of the German Society of Muscle and Bone Research and President of the International Society of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interaction.


Dr. Gabriele Armbrecht from the team of Prof. Felsenberg will perform the central DO-HEALTH DEXA quality control and evaluation of DEXA measurements.


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