Roche Diagnostics

Industry Partner Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland) Ltd

Roche Diagnostics provides a broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and systems that play a pivotal role in integrated healthcare solutions.  Assays cover the early detection, targeted screening, evaluation and monitoring of diseases.

Monika Reuschling is Head of Marketing, Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland) Ltd, Rotkreuz. She is a Biomedical Engineer and has more than 25 years of national and international and experience in the in vitro Diagnostic industry and IVD laboratory business.

Websites: Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland Ltd) Roche (Global Web Site)

As a partner of DO-HEALTH
, Roche Diagnostics provides all assays for the large DO-HEALTH biomarker study to define reference ranges of common biomarkers in adults age 70+. The analyses of the large biomarker study are performed at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry at the University of Zurich (Chair: Prof. Arnold von Eckardstein).