Industry Partners

DO-HEALTH Private-Public Partnership

To fund DO-HEALTH an innovative Private-Public Partnership was defined within the guardianship of the European Commission Framework 7 program. In addition to the funding provided by the European Commission (6 Million Euros), three industry partners agreed to support DO-HEALTH with 3 services  needed to perform the large scale DO-HEALTH clinical trial:

(1) Roche Diagnostics agreed to provide all assays free of charge for a large organ-specific biomarker study with measurements in all 2152 seniors in all 4 clinical visits, including all safety laboratory markers

(2) DSM Nutritional Products agreed to provide the study medication free of charge and to perform the adherence laboratory for serum concentrations of 25-hydroxvitamin D and polyunsaturated fatty acids in all 2152 seniors in all 4 clinical visits free of charge and with gold standard methodology

(3) Nestlé agreed to fund DO-HEALTH with 2 Million Euros to add a quality of life and health economic dimension to DO-HEALTH and support DO-HEALTH scientific coordination and management.

(4) PFIZER Consumer Healthcare agreed to fund the DO-HEALTH logistic centre with 600’000 Euros.

(5) Streuli Pharma AG agreed to support the data management with CHF 400’000.

The 5 industry partners acknowledge the public health value of DO-HEALTH as an effort that would not be funded by industry alone as the interventions tested are public health interventions past patent opportunities. Likewise, the European Commission and DO-HEALTH as public partners will benefit from the industry partners as they provide the extra funds needed to perform the large scale DO-HEALTH clinical trial without interference with the high-quality investigator initiated trial design and evaluation, and guaranteed undelayed communication of DO-HEALTH findings.

As DO-HEALTH recruitment and follow-up efforts require further funding, we encourage additional industry partners to become partners of DO-HEALTH, as a unique effort to support health at higher age. Please contact the coordinator of DO-HEALTH.




Roche Diagnostics