On January 25th 2012, the partners and advisors kicked off DO-HEALTH at the Coordinating Centre at the University of Zurich. The meeting was hosted at the FORUM of the Waid City Hospital.  First, the DO-HEALTH partners and advisors were welcomed by Prof. Klaus Grätz, Dean Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zurich and PI DO-HEALTH Oral-Dental Health. The Dean’s speech was followed by a short presentation by all partners and key advisors outlining their tasks and goals in DO-HEALTH.

Prof. Klaus Grätz, Dean Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich

Group Photo Partners/Collaborators/Advisors at the Kick-off Meeting at the University of Zurich:


Picture above: From left to right –  Prof. Hannes B. Stähelin (Prof. emeritus and Chair of Geriatrics at the University of Basel), Prof. Walter Dick (Prof. emeritus and Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Basel) and Prof. Paul Walter (Prof. emeritus and Chair Dept. of Biochemistry and Nutrition at the University of Basel) supported the PI (Heike Bischoff-Ferrari) with their expertise and mentorship throughout the process of getting DO-HEALTH on its way.

DO-HEALTH partners and advisors discuss next steps:

Picture above: Marieme Ba (Partner pharmalys) discussing GCP with collaborators DO-HEALTH.

Picture above: Monika Reuschling (Partner Roche-Diagnostics) talking to Prof. da Silva and Dr. Catia Duarte (Partners Coimbra University).

Picture above: Prof. Walter Bär, President Board of Directors, Centre on Aging and Mobility at the University of Zurich and collaborator DO-HEALTH discussing with Dr. Daniel Grob, Co-Director Centre on Aging and Mobility, City Hospital Waid and collaborator DO-HEALTH.

Partners at the Kick-off Meeting:

Picture above: from left to right – Benno Gut (gut pictures), Stephen Ferrari (FDS), Prof. José da Silva (University of Coimbra), Prof. Michael Blauth (University of Innsbruck), Prof. Cornel Sieber (University of Nürnberg-Erlangen), Dr. Marie-Laure Muiras (NOVAMEN), Prof. Bernhard Watzl (Max Rubner Institute, Karlsruhe), Prof. Reto Kressig (University of Basel), Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari (University of Zurich), Prof. Dieter Felsenberg (Charité Berlin), Prof. René Rizzoli (University of Geneva), PD Norbert Suhm (University of Basel), Prof. Gabor Abellan (University of Toulouse).