Coordinator and Coordinating Team of DO-HEALTH

Prof. Bischoff-Ferrari is the DO-HEALTH scientific coordinator, PI and sponsor of the DO-HEALTH clinical trial. Her team at the Coordinating Centre at the University of Zurich is responsible for the preparation, coordination, and conduct of statistical analyses of DO-HEALTH study findings. Key members of the coordinating team include the DO-HEALTH manager (Dr. Åsa Müller-Grunditz), the DO-HEALTH coordinating study MD (Dr. Andreas Egli), the DO-HEALTH outcome assessment coordinator (Mona Leuenberger), the DO-HEALTH coordinating administrator (Michelle Schmoker), the DO-HEALTH laboratory coordinator (Prof. Arnold von Eckardstein), the DO-HEALTH exercise expert (Prof. Robert Theiler), and the DO-HEALTH data management team led by the Head Biostatistician (Prof. E. John Orav, Harvard School of Public Health), FDS (Data Management SME) and the DO-HEALTH epidemiologist (Dr. E. Sidelnikov).

Partners of DO-HEALTH Consortium

DO-HEALTH is set within a consortium of 19 partners (see partner page) selected for their scientific knowledge in key areas of DO-HEALTH, their experience in the conduct of clinical trials among the senior population, their technologic skills and their common goal to improve health of European seniors.  All partners provided input into the design of DO-HEALTH within their expertise.

Advisors and Collaborators of DO-HEALTH

DO-HEALTH is supported by an international team of renowned leaders of the scientific community contributing their expertise to all health-functions assessment and analyses performed in DO-HEALTH. All advisors and collaborator listed on this websites will be involved in DO-HEALTH as collaborators within their expertise. International Advisors who were involved in the pilot studies of DO-HEALTH and contributed to the design of the DO-HEALTH clinical trial are Prof. Bess Dawson-Hughes (Tufts University), Prof. Walter Willett (Harvard School of Public Health), Prof. Hannes B. Stähelin (Basel University), Prof. JoAnn Mason (Harvard Medical School), Prof. Paul Walter (University of Basel), Prof. Michal Fried (Zurich University – Gastro-Intestinal Health), Prof. Arnold von Eckardstein (Zurich University – Laboratory), and Prof. Klaus Grätz (Zurich University – Oral-Dental Health).



Coordinating Team


Exercise Expert

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