Christmas Card Design 2015

This year the DO-HEALTH coordinating team asked the DO-HEALTH Seniors in Zurich to help with the 2015 DO-HEALTH Christmas Card design. We have received many beautiful designs, which we want to present on our website. Many thanks to the artists!

This is the design that was chosen for the DO-HEALTH Christmas Card design 2015:

Bild 18. (Winner)

Here are the beautiful alternative designs we are honoured to show on the DO-HEALTH website:

Bild 10

Bild 13

Bild 17

Bild 21

Bild 9

Bild 11


Bild 8


Bild 19

Bild 20

Bild 16

Bild 15

Bild 6

Bild 12

Bild 14

Bild 7

Bild 19x copy