5th Annual Meeting 2017

On February 17th 2017, the 5th DO-HEALTH Annual Meeting was held at the University of Zurich

Partners and collaborators met in the Aula of the University of Zurich to discuss the progress of DO-HEALTH, presented selected preliminary data, and reviewed next steps in data analysis.

Click here for the news report by the IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation) and here for the interviews with Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari, Prof. John Kanis and Prof. John E. Orav.

Group picture of all attendees at the 5th Annual Meeting:

Front from left to back right: Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari (PI and Coordinator DO-HEALTH, Chair of Geriatrics Clinic UZH), Prof. Michael Hengartner (Rector of the University of Zurich), Prof. John Kanis (DO-HEALTH Partner, President IOF), Prof. Bruno Vellas (PI DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Toulouse), Dr. Anna Gsell (DO-HEALTH Data manager), Dr. Patricia Chocano (DO-HEALTH Epidemiologist), Margot Lieberherr (DO-HEALTH Partner, Streuli Pharma), Prof. René Rizzoli (PI DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Geneva), Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer (DO-HEALTH Partner, DSM), Carola Kälin (Biomedical Scientist, IKC), Dr. Catia Duarte (Study MD DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Coimbra), Ana Pinto (Project Manager DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Coimbra), Dr. med. Andreas Egli (Coordinating Study MD, Coordinating Team), Dr. Sandrine Rival (DO-HEALTH Manager, Coordinating Team), Dr. Åsa Müller (DO-HEALTH Manager, Coordinating Team), Dr. med. Philippe Girard (Study MD DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Toulouse), Carla Delannoy (DO-HEALTH Partner, Nestlé Health Science), Philipp De Simone (DO-HEALTH Partner, DSM Nutritional Products), Dr. Jonas Wittwer (DO-HEALTH Partner, DSM Nutritional Products), Claudia Ortner (Project Manager DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Innsbruck), Prof. Reto Kressig (PI DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Basel), Prof. Lorenz Hofbauer (DO-HEALTH Partner Universitätsklinikum Dresden), Jirina Kupsky (UZH), Dr. Karina Fischer (DO-HEALTH Epidemiologist), Dr. med. Simeon Schietzel (USZ), Prof. Robert Theiler (Collaborator DO-HEALTH, USZ), Gabriela Bobba (DO-HEALTH Partner, Roche Diagnostics), Mariette Fasser (Project Manager, DO-HEALTH Recruitment Centre Innsbruck), Dr. med Stephanie Bridenbaugh (Sub-Investigator and Project Manager DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Basel), Sarah Recher (Study Nurse DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Basel), Cornelia Schäfer (Study Nurse, DO-HEALTH Recruitment Centre Basel), Pascal Dusé (Study Nurse, DO-HEALTH Recruitment Centre Basel), Prof. Klara Landau (Collaborator DO-HEALTH, USZ) Dr. Audrey Faure (Post doctoral fellow, UZH), Dr. Ursina Meyer (Post doctoral fellow, UZH), Dr. med. Markus Schwertfeger (DO-HEALTH Partner, Roche Diagnostics), Delphine Goget (DO-HEALTH Partner, Novamen), Alix Hajeau (DO-HEALTH Partner, Novamen), Dr. med. Thomas Münzer (DO-HEALTH Collaborator, Geriatric Clinic St. Gallen), Dr. Thomas Schettler (DO-HEALTH Partner, Pfizer), PD Dr. Georg Bosshard (Collaborator, USZ),Prof.Ina Nitschke (DO-HEALTH CollaboratorUZH), Prof. Hannes B. Stähelin (DO-HEALTH Collaborator, University of Basel), Stephen Ferrari ), Prof. Ina Nitschke (DO-HEALTH Collaborator, UZH), Prof. Hannes B. Stähelin (DO-HEALTH Collaborator, University of Basel), Stephen Ferrari (DO-HEALTH Partner, FDS), Prof. John E. Orav (Head Biostatistician DO-HEALTH, Harvard School of Public Health), pract. med. Curtis Nordstrom (Study MD DO-HEALTH, Recruitment Centre Basel), Prof. Peter Burckhardt (DO-HEALTH Collaborator, CHUV), Benno Gut (DO-HEALTH Partner, gut pictures).


The coordinator of DO-HEALTH, Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari:

“We started this journey in 2011 in order to investigate which benefits relatively healthy seniors will get by a simple home exercise program, by vitamin D and by omega-3 fats supplementation.

We were hoping to show that these interventions could help to improve people’s health in 5 different areas, including bone health, muscle health, cognitive health, cardiovascular health and risk of infections.

We will also be looking at the economic benefits of these interventions to reduce health care costs in the best possible way – by keeping people healthier longer.”


The DO-HEALTH Head Biostatistician, Prof. John Orav: 

“We are close to the end of data collection and completed 93% of clinical visits.

We have being able to follow 90% of the participants through the second year of follow-up.

This year, next to performed the remaining 7% follow-up visits, we want to make sure that all data are accurate before we start the analysis of treatment findings in January 2018.

With completion of the analysis by June 2018, first results will be communicated to the participants and the scientific community in the fall of 2018.”


Prof. Heike Bischoff-Ferrari:

“In the meantime, in 2017, we will look at the data from when participants entered the study. Those data will help us characterize our participants in their health, diet and quality of life, and how these characteristics relate to each other.

Given that DO-HEALTH seniors are among the best characterized seniors above age 70 in Europe, we hope to establish funding to continue to follow them beyond the end of the DO-HEALTH clinical trial.

This would help us investigate long-term benefits of the intervention, and investigate factors that contribute to the healthy aging process.

We are very happy to announce that the communication of DO-HEALTH findings and the continued follow-up of our great DO-HEALTH seniors will be under the ambassadorship of Donna Leon. Donna Leon is a New York Times bestselling author, creator of Commisarior Brunetti, and just the best person to have for this important task.  Donna Leon is based in Europe, living both in Venice and Zurich, and she will start her ambassadorship with addressing all DO-HEALTH seniors with a letter to honor their important contribution to health and progress in medicine.”

Impressions of the 5th DO-HEALTH Annual Meeting at the University of Zurich:


The 2017 DO-HEALTH Network speech was given by Prof. Ivan Bautmans from the University of Brussel, Belgium. Prof Bautmans gave a talk about the new concept of ‘Intrinsic Capacity‘ – a measure of muscular fatigue resistance based on grip strength measurement.


We thank David Oldani and Dominique Pierroz from IOF to capture our meeting with great photos and videos!