4th Annual Meeting 2016

On March 11th 2016, the 4th DO-HEALTH Annual Meeting was held at the University of Zurich

Partners and collaborators met at the Waid Forum in Zurich to discuss the progress and next steps of DO-HEALTH data collection and analyses. The coordinator of DO-HEALTH, Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari, informed that in March 2016 all DO-HEALTH seniors achieved the 1-year visit, 60% their 2-year visit, and 42 reached their final 3-year visit.

The DO-HEALTH seniors still active in the study are urged to stay on their treatment strategies and come to all of their scheduled follow-up visits. Because the information we learn from our study participants will benefit all seniors in Europe and let everyone stay active, healthy and maintain their social lives.

The coordinator also pointed out that DO-HEALTH would not have reached this point without the hard work of the study investigators and research staff and that  it is through their continued dedication that the DO-HEALTH consortium will successfully complete DO-HEALTH at the beginning of 2018.

Click here to see DO-HEALTH investigators comment on the progress of DO-HEALTH at the Annual Meeting. We thank our impact partner IOF for producing the video!

Group picture of all attendees at the 4th Annual Meeting:


Front from right to left: Dr. Åsa Müller (DO-HEALTH Manager, Coordinating Team, UZH), Prof. Hannes B. Stähelin (Advisor, Cognition, Function University of Basel), Dr. Michaela Höhne (Partner Nestlé), Prof. John Kanis (Partner DO-HEALTH, President IOF), Prof. Bess Dawson-Hughes (DO-HEALTH Collaborator, Tufts University), Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari (PI and Coordinator DO-HEALTH University of Zurich, and University Hospital of Zurich), Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer (Partner, DSM), Prof. Paul Walter (Nutrition Expert DO-HEALTH), Dr. med Gisela Beller (Study MD, Recruitment Centre CHARITÉ), Sarah Recher (Study Nurse, Recruitment Centre UHB), Jirina Kupsky (Financial Assistant, DO-HEALTH University of Zurich), Pascal Dusé (Study Nurse, Recruitment Centre UHB), Gabriela Bobba (Roche Diagnostics Switzerland), Claudia Ortner (Study coordinator, Recruitment Centre IMU).

In the back from right to left: Alix Hajeau (Novamen), Dr. Maja Joray (Team member DO-HEALTH University of Zurich), Prof. John E. Orav (Dept. of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health, Head Biostatistician DO-HEALTH), Prof. Robert Theiler (Exercise Expert, Coordinating Team, University of Zurich), Dr. Andrea Renggli (Coordinating Team, University of Zurich), Delphine Goget (Novamen), Klavs Renerts (MD, Coordinating Team, University of Zurich), Dr. Patricia Chocano (Epidemiologist, Coordinating Team, University of Zurich), Patricia Wald (MD Coordinating Team, University of Zurich), Prof. Reto W. Kressig (PI Recruitment Centre, University of Basel), Prof. Stefan Pilz (DO- HEALTH Network speaker 2016), Dr. med. Andreas Egli (Coordinating Study MD, Coordinating Team, University of Zurich), Svea-Vivica Mathieu (MD Coordinating Team, University of Zurich), Ana Pinto (Project Manager, Recruitment Centre COI), Dr. Jonas Wittwer (Partner, DSM nutritional products), Carola Kälin-Weeke (Biomedical Scientist, University Hospital Zurich), Prof. José Da Silva (PI Recruitment Centre Coimbra, Portugal), Dr. med. Stephanie Bridenbaugh (Project Manager, Recruitment Centre UHB), Dr. med. Georg Bosshard (DO-HEALTH University of Zurich), Stephen Ferrari (Partner, Ferrari Data Solutions), Prof. Lorenz Hofbauer (Partner, Dresden University Medical Center), Dr. Dominique Pierroz (IOF), Benno Gut (Partner, Gut Pictures),  Dr. Thomas Schettler (Partner Pfizer), Prof. René Rizzoli (PI Recruitment Centre, University of Geneva), Dr. Adrian Danita (Study MD, Recruitment Centre IMU), Monika Reuschling (Roche Diagnostics Switzerland), Christiane Bushalt (Coordinating Study Nurse DO-HEALTH, University of Zurich).

Impressions of the 4th DO-HEALTH Annual Meeting at the University of Zurich:














The 2016 DO-HEALTH Network speech was given by Prof. Stefan Pilz from the University of Gratz, Austria. Prof. Pilz summarized the current evidence on vitamin D and cardio-vascular health:


 We thank David Olandi and Dominique Pierroz from IOF to capture our meeting with great photos and videos!